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How to Maintain your Dirt Bikes 125cc

by Brittany

Like with many things, maintenance is key to the longevity of dirt bikes. Proper and timely maintenance of dirt bikes 125cc goes a long way to preventing engine failure and/or accident-related injuries. However, deciding to carry out proper maintenance on time is just the first step to success. Knowing how to go about it is a totally different matter altogether.

In no particular order of importance, here are some maintenance tips to carry out on dirt bikes 125cc.

Wash the bike after each ride

The thrill of riding around can often leave you over-excited when you’re done. However, before walking off from your dirt bike, give it a gentle wash. You probably are on your way to take a shower, so it’s only fair you clean the bike first after spending all that time together.

No need to go all hard on the bike. Get a bucket of water and a brush with mild bristles. Remove sticky mud off the tires and body gently. It’s not advisable to use a pressure washer to avoid getting water into areas it has no business being in.

Keep it dry

With the dirt bikes 125cc properly washed and clean, you can leave it to dry naturally or get a clean cloth to wipe off the bike. However, if you inspect it for further mechanical maintenance, you must clean off all water traces in and around the engine area.

Are there any leaks?

Regularly inspect and check for leaks on dirt bikes 125cc. Whatever fluids that are needed for the bikes to run smoothly were designed to stay in their tanks and not find their way out. A leak shows there’s a problem that needs fixing. Possible bike fluid leaks are brake fluid, oil, coolant, or fuel.

Inspect the bike’s chain

Outside the bike’s engine, an important component of a dirt bike is its chain. Regularly check to ascertain the chain’s tension. Ideally, dirt bikes 125cc chains are not designed to be taut. There is always a ½-inch allowance to accommodate the bike’s suspension movement. If the chain is too tight, consider replacing it. The same applies if you can easily unwind the chain from its sitting.

Mud on the bike chain should be cleaned off, but only when it has dried out. It’s much easier to fall off with a brush when dried than when smearing it over the chain when it’s still wet.

Check your tire pressure

Using a dirt bike that doesn’t have the recommended tire pressure exposes you to accidents and injuries. A good way to avoid this is to routinely inspect the tire pressure. A tire pressure gauge can help ensure the pressure stays within the recommended limits.

Check oil and fluid levels

Not having any fluid leaks is a good sign but doesn’t entirely absolve you from the potential dangers of not changing oil and fluid as when due. Inspect and make changes as recommended by the bike’s manufacturer to ensure your bike has a long lifespan.


A lot of accidents and injuries can be avoided if proper maintenance is carried out on these dirt bikes 125cc. A good way to start is to routinely inspect the bike so you can easily make the right changes or fix the problem.

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