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Choosing the Right Trash Can for Your Site

by Brittany

A trash can may look like an ordinary thing that many people do not even notice at first glance. Nevertheless, one can never underestimate its importance in any setting. Be it a residential area or a commercial area; a trash can is one of the main requirements. Of course, even when looking from a perspective of cleanliness, trash cans play an essential role.

Since it’s a thing of great importance, immense thought should be given while choosing a trash can for your site. Large quantities of trash require large trash cans, like a 96 gallon trash can. Besides quantity, many other things should be contemplated, which are listed in the article. Read on!

What To Consider When Choosing a Trash Can For Your Site?


The location has to be the most crucial aspect of choosing a trash can because this decides its fate. Cans used for residential areas and those used in commercial settings vary significantly in material and use. Obviously, location will determine what kind of trash can you will be buying, keeping in mind the environmental conditions. If you want to put it outsides of your house to collect your weekly trash, you can consider buying a big trash can. Similarly, commercial sites will also require something that is suitable according to the site.

Volume and usage

Every resident or even a commercial setting knows about the volume of trash they dispose of on a weekly or daily basis. If you don’t know how much and what type of trash you throw out, you can conduct an audit of your waste. Then determine how many bags of trash it can accommodate. By doing this, you can decide what volume in a trash can will be suitable for your site.

Ease of handling

Another vital thing to contemplate is the elements providing ease of handling to the customers. Now, this characteristic is not very important in small trash cans where only a tiny handle can suffice. But in more giant and more voluminous trash cans, elements of handling such as wheels, handles, rollers, and dollies are very valuable. These elements also help the trash cleaners, so make sure to choose the right one.

Oder and debris secure

Some cans are open-topped, and others come with lids for securing the trash inside the can. But it does not matter if the trash can is small or large; it should have a coverage system. This top will keep the odor inside and keeps the pests outside. In addition, the trash doesn’t blow out of the garbage when the wind blows.

Shape and color

Now, these options are not very important, but to a considerable amount, they can play an important role. In between square and circular trash cans, square-shaped are much easier to grip and handle. In addition, colors are only vital for distinguishing specialized containers.


There are many trash cans options available in the market, so you will have to compare many different features with the value of money. Take time to list your requirements according to the situation of your site, and then decide on a model. Decide on a material that suits you the best. Best of luck saving the environment and maintaining hygiene and cleanliness!

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